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Glowing Finger E.T. - the blue-eyed menace from outer space

E.T. has to be the classic symbol of the "friendly alien". I am here to warn you DO NOT BE DECEIVED! Behind those gentle blue eyes and glowing finger lies a creature so vile, so disgusting, that they had to make a movie about him so that little children would be able to sleep at night! Well, sleep no more.
The sacred text, Revelation X (page 99), has this to say about Spielberg's E.T.:

"[It] was a CIA-funded propaganda designed to enamor us of the real aliens who are enslaving humanity even as this is being written."

  Who is this E.T. anyway? What is his mission? Why such an elaborate movie/cover-up? And what is his relationship with Michael Jackson? (and why is he naked?)

The following graphics are representations of the "dreams" I had. These aren't nightmares that children get after seeing a scary film; they both took place many years after I saw the movie. (though only the second took place this year; the other was several years ago) I've tried to recreate them as accurately as possible, with real pictures of my bedroom and backyard. Unfortunately, the photos I had of E.T. weren't all that great; I tried to compensate as well as I could. There have been two "dreams" thus far.


   Dream One:

You know those nightmares where you dream you're in bed and something happens? Well, this is one.

I was awakened by the noise of something up in the attic. I lay in bed and just listened. There it is again. I meant to call out, but had a feeling that I was alone in the house; well, except for this thing. I had an antique bed with alot of space underneath and hid beneath it. The thing was on the stairs, slowly creaking its way down. The attic door creaked open and it moved into the hallway. I held my breath and watched the partially opened door. The moonlit creature's shadow creased the light entering the room, and the door opened a little more. As my heart raced inside my chest, I watched as E.T. walked towards me with his arms outstretched, none of the emotion in his eyes that were ever in the movie. I awoke.

   Dream Two:

Eventually this dream got to the point where it was nighttime, and I was downstairs in the kitchen, looking out into the blackened backyard. I noticed some sort of alien-like being moving around. I then noticed the light eminating from the garage.

Things became very disjointed at this point. Somehow, I ended up alone, outside. It was raining lightly, and this E.T. creature was after me. I eventually made my way back inside, with the creature close on my tail. Then, I awoke.

 Go Home  Why am I writing this crap?

Well, because it happened. Why was it E.T. in these dreams and not the ever more frightening Greys? Or the unspeakable Z-ists (oops, said too much already). Because E.T. is a "cute" alien. He's the friendly guy from outerspace. BEWARE FRIENDLY ALIENS! THEY ARE THE MOST DANGEROUS! (well, except for terribly evil aliens you cannot kill...but we're talking real here, aren't we? Aren't we?!?)