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by Rev. Noah Stewart

MacSlack A stand-alone DOC providing important general information about the Church of the SubGenius.
X-Day movie A 30 second movie about the upcoming X-Day, using computer animation, 3D rendering, and a somewhat strange narrative soundtrack.
Also available uncompressed in QuickTime.
Tibetan monks invented this game to call upon the spirits of lost Yetis. Originally played with tiles made of wood or human bones, it has only recently been brough to your computer. Draw upon the power of the Yetis, tilt the luck plane, and become utterly addicted in this pseudo-classic tile game!
Label Slack A control panel which changes the Label menu in the Finder to display SubGenius quotes and information.
Escape From Normality: a short SubGenius adventure game.
bob A patch for Marathon 1. It changes them plain old Born-On-Board BOBs into none other than J.R. "Bob" Dobbs! Best part is, you get to kill him!!
bob Catch "Bob"! is a itty-bitty program (what Rev. Stang refers to as a 'dingleberry') where you have to catch "Bob". It's that simple. But wait, "Bob" is a tricky, elusive character. It may be more difficult than you think.
The handy little gizmo scans your computer. If there is an adequate amount of slack, your computer is blessed.
bob Slack Savers are to be used with the After Dark control panel. This guy here is a faceplate for After Dark 3.x or later.
bob This slack saver floats a Dobbshead, X-ist ship, grey, or whatever across your screen when you slack off.
bob "Bob" can get around ANY obstacle, and proves it in this delightful, free Slack Saver.
bob Mutating borders, X-ist spaceships, guns, and of course, "Bob". Watch "Bob" suddenly collapse into a pile of mush at the top of your screen!
bob The greys invade your computer! Mysterious whoosing noises emanate from your skullplate.
bob Open your Third Nostrel and create Dobbsian patterns on your screen! An amazing feat of technology.
bob Give "Bob" a good ol' fashion hangin'! Yessir, but the question is: can his body take the stress?
Squeeze squeeze squeeze your programs! Ah, that feels good! Alright, now FLUSH! This handy replacement for the ugly boring Trash Can gives you a toilet, making excremeditation possible from your desktop! Requires ResEdit. SoundMaster recommended.
bob Another replacement for the Trash Can, this one allows you to kill "Bob". he is always revitalized by files you drop onto him, so you have to keep killing him over and over and over and over and over and...
DOS program that calculates the number of days until wonderful glorious X-Day.
DOS program which enlightens you with a SubGenius aphorism. Quotations are customizable.
bob DOS program by Chris Sloetjes. Watch as "Bob's" grinning face suddenly bursts into flames. Works in real-time, from the inside-out.